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The students will probably be learning from a different teacher each term. I think any rigger or modeler who learns some animation will then become better at their craft, understanding the process of actually using the characters. David: Graduates from an AnimSchool will have continued access to existing and future character rigs, as well as video lectures.

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For the students taking a single class, they are able to use the rigs for six months after the class. David: People wanting to take a particular course apply for it at the website, sending a link to their reel. That teacher determines whether they are ready for their class. Then some facial expression modeling for pre-production development. David: I wanted to teach the skills that I know well: animating, modeling, and rigging. But I will plan for next year. David: Right now there are two: the cute skeleton guy and the human guy you can see on 3DAppealBlog or on the AnimSchool splash page.

We have plans for a female character as well.

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I love making characters, so there will probably be others. Frank Thomas and Art Babbitt talking about video reference.

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From the fantastic Babbitt Blog. Often at Disney comedians, vaudeville actors, and the voice actors themselves where shot on a stage in costume for the animators reference Cinderella was the first Disney feature where the whole film was shot in live action prior to animation. However, when the frames of the reference was traced, the resulting animation was lacking in life and felt flat which is the same result you get when importing the video reference into a CG package and positioning the character over the reference. But the animators found it extremely helpful in coming up with different or unique acting choices, understanding how difficult shapes turn in space, costume follow through and overlap and to study the body mechanics.

I love these two clips from Alice In Wonderland which show the comparison between the live action reference footage and the final animation.

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  • This really made me understand how I could best use video reference. You can see in the first clip at 20 seconds where the animator has found great inspiration in how the foot drags along the floor, the hands coming up and then dropping to her lap in frustration and the little head shake. But you can also see where they have pushed the poses, made the hands clearer as she holds them up before dropping them back into her lap and how the timing and spacing is different to get more spark and life.

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