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Jugenddevianz - Gewalt an Berufsschulen in München by Jã¡Cint Mekker . Jugenddevianz - Gewalt An Berufsschulen In M??nchen (german Edition): By.
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Jugenddevianz - Gewalt an Berufsschulen in München by Jã¡Cint Mekker (2010, Paperback)

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Wien , , 48 and These percentages include the population of Prague and its inner suburbs. Cohen, Gary G. Princeton , Bohemia 52 1, 38 Bohemia Band 52 putes between its Czech and German leaders and crushed by military force in June , its long-term impact remade the city. The abolition of serfdom laid the foundations for industrial development in the Empire, and the neo-absolutist regime imposed after the revolution put in place liberal economic policies that fueled the expansion of business.

As the economy grew, peasants from the Czech-speaking countryside migrated to the growing city, shifting its ethnic balance at a time when national movements were challenging traditional loyalties and creating new societal fault lines based on language and ethnicity. Prague in appeared to be a German city. Although most residents spoke some German, only the highest strata spoke it exclusively since the majority of the population was bilingual. Nevertheless, it would be incorrect to describe Prague as a German city at this time. Language was a marker of class and a means of social advancement, and identity was regional rather than ethnic.

In the ensuing decades, however, as industrial development was transforming the city, modern conceptions of identity appeared that elevated language into the "touchstone of belonging to the nation. The Czech mayors of Prague undertook to remake their city into a modern metropolis and cultural center with a distinctive Czech character.

Like other municipal authorities at this time, they focused much of their effort on modernizing the city. One of the first steps in this process began following the Austro-Prussian War, when Prague suffered defeat and occupation at the hands of the Prussians. Recognizing that the walls around the city were obsolete, Emperor Francis Joseph offered to donate them to the city as well as to compensate the city financially for its wartime suffering. In the end, the city had to pay for the fortifications, and did not receive all the funds the emperor had promised.

As a result, dismantling the walls stretched from to On the changes in municipal government at this time, see King, Jeremy: The Municipal and the National in the Bohemian Lands, In: Austrian History Yearbook 42 Over the years, the purpose of the city walls had changed from protection to policing the inhabitants to toll-collecting.

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Praha , 66, and The effort to annex these suburbs to the core city, creating Greater Prague, was part of a trend in urban development that produced Greater Vienna, Greater Berlin, and other urban conglomerations. This project was less successful in Prague, as suburban officials balked at sacrificing their local power and advantageous tax structures to join the core city.

The most spectacular example of urban renewal in Prague was the project to raze one of the oldest sections of the city, the area of the former Jewish ghetto known as 11 Josefov. Directly adjacent to the Old Town Square, the site of Prague's city hall, Josefov was a densely inhabited slum in which disease and crime were rampant.

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Agnes Convent. In the end, a scaled-down project was undertaken that did not extend beyond the area of the ghetto itself. Nevertheless, it was one of the most ambitious urban modernization projects in nineteenth-century Europe, entailing the destruction of buildings. The drive to make Prague into a modern city, equal to the other great cities of Europe, was part of a broader effort to advance the agenda of Czech nationalism.

Praha , Documenta Pragensia Monographia 9. Brno , , This program is the subject of Giustino, Cathleen M. Boulder Storck, Christopher P.