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Winter: The Hyddenworld Quartet Book 4: The Hyddenworld Quartet: Book Four [ William Horwood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winter.
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Between the ages of six and ten, he was raised in foster care, attended school in Germany for a year, then went on to Grammar School at age eleven.

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In his eighteenth year, he attended Bristol University to study geography, after which he had any number of jobs—fundraising and teaching, among others, as well as editing for the London Daily Mail. In , at age 34, he retired from the newspaper in order to pursue novel-writing as his primary career, inspired by some long-ago reading of Frances Hodgson Burnett 's The Secret Garden.

His first novel, Duncton Wood , an allegorical tale about a community of moles , was published in William Horwood has also written two stand-alone novels intertwining the lives of humans and of eagles The Stonor Eagles and Callanish , and The Wolves of Time duology. Skallagrigg , his novel about disability, love, and trust, was made into a BBC film in Boy with No Shoes, published in August , is a fictionalised memoir that explores challenging themes of childhood in Kent. In , he collaborated with historian Helen Rappaport to produce Dark Hearts of Chicago , a historical mystery and thriller set in nineteenth-century Chicago.

It was re-published in as City of Dark Hearts with some significant revisions and cuts under the pen name James Conan. After almost fifteen years, Horwood returned to his hallmark genre of fantasy, publishing the first novel in his Hyddenworld quartet in Each novel is thematically based on a season — the first is Hyddenworld: Spring , the next to be published was Hyddenworld: Awakening followed by Hyddenworld: Harvest and Hyddenworld: Winter and deals with the adventures of a cast of humans and 'hydden' 'little folk,' with some distinct fae overtones on a quest to find gems holding the powers of the season for which each is named.

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For other people named William Horwood, see William Horwood disambiguation. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Two further novels are of interest for a gravely achieved Equipoise between fantasy and sf. Both are told within Near Future frames.

William Horwood (novelist)

The Stonor Eagles interweaves two narratives: that of the last sea-eagle in Scotland who flies to Norway, where she has mystical experiences and dreams of returning home; and the artist James MacAskill Stonor, who narrates his and a mysterious eagle's linked stories at the time and from the perspective of an enormously successful exhibition in ; in a somewhat mysticated sense, the eagle can be thought of as a Talking Animal, making Horwood one of a very few modern authors to utilize all three readily distinguishable modes for narrating fantasies about animals see above.

The title of Skallagrigg , the second tale of sf interest, refers both to the only word utterable by an apparently subnormal boy, which may refer to a Monster at the heart of a Labyrinth ; and to a Videogame , which when played unites — perhaps via Timeslip — several members of a family separated by decades and cruelties of geography.

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Skallagrigg may also contain within its meaning structure intimations of a Messiah figure to come or always present. Writers of fantasy focusing on animals tend to be treated by critics with a degree of insecurity, especially if their work seems to be addressed primarily to children; most of Horwood's work is not so directed.