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Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 7 Up—Ever since her return from parallel universe Aurora at the end of Tandem (Delacorte, ), Sasha.
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Read Isla del [I. Galvez Published by Hippocrene Books Inc. The Muvipix. Thucydides: Book I: Bk. Lying helpless during a raging storm in the North Sea, a fleet of medieval ships finds sudden rescue in the arrival of a powerful group of aliens, who offer salvation in exchange for eternal bondage fighting as star soldiers. Skip to content. All Categories. Young Adult. Our App. About Us. Select Format: Hardcover.

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Like New. Quantity: 1. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Book Overview Lying helpless during a raging storm in the North Sea, a fleet of medieval ships finds sudden rescue in the arrival of a powerful group of aliens, who offer salvation in exchange for eternal bondage fighting as star soldiers. Edition Details Format: Hardcover.

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Language: English. ISBN: ISBN Release Date: January Publisher: Baen Books.

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Length: Pages. Weight: 1. Dimensions: 1. Customer Reviews. Write a review. Another good Weber story! Published by Thriftbooks. A good book that is light but still engaging and thought-provoking. They are to be unpaid mercenaries, forced to fight alien races on alien worlds for the alien being that has kidnapped them.

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Fairly pedestrian. I initially thought that Weber had created human characters that were not very real in their ability to grasp new concepts, think beyond their initial prejudices and still be that stubborn and hate their captors that much. But then I remembered the people in real history who dared to dream dreams that no one else did and were there at the right time and place to try for those dreams, sometimes in the face of overwhelming odds.

I also remembered that human beings ARE capable of surviving just about anywhere and, while they're at it, being individualistic, rebellious, stubborn pig-headed sneaks with very long memories. And I thought that maybe, while Sir George was definitely a rare and extraordinary human being, maybe he wasn't an impossible human being.

The story does move a bit slowly in some places in the first half of the book, but it's still an interesting read. After Sir George and the rest of the humans get their big chance, things move much more quickly. The last section of the book that starts with the Solarian Union negotiating with the Galactic Federation is wonderful, both in the story and in the story-telling.

The book has a rather eclectic blend of medieval military tactics, knightly accoutrements, the psychology of how to inspire men on the battlefield and how to discourage them as well , Machiavellan plotting in a science-fiction setting, sudden plot twists and a theme of "what happens when someone asks the questions everyone thought they already knew the answers to? But for readers who don't mind genres being mixed around a bit, it's an excellent read. A tale of justice and honor Published by Thriftbooks.

The story begins on Earth, with a ragged band of Englishmen sailing the high seas toward battle. Battered by storms, some of the ships were lost. Soon all of the ships were to be lost, along with the families of the soldiers onboard. Then they are plucked from the earth by hands in the heavens, toward a cause that was not their own. Sir George Wincaster is a noble who deserves the title of his nobility. He is well educated, and upholds the integrity of those in leadership positions. His potential was great, he unlocked it during his voyage among the stars.

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Wincaster was thrown into servitude as a gladiator, except he didn't fight for the master's amusement, he fought to claim territory instead. The Galactic Federation had laws preventing the systematic strip mining of habitable planets except with the inhabitant's permission. There are loopholes in every law. Those who wanted the planet couldn't use technology to coerce the inhabitants, so they got their own "barbarians".

This is a story of how highly advanced civilizations have become dependent on their high technology, using it as a crutch.

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It tells the story of one George Wincaster, his family, and the people under his care. Of how Wincaster overcame his rudimentary knowledge of technology to save himself and all those he valued. Of the difference between stagnation and growth through hard work.